Monday, May 24, 2010

Shot & Show

By : C’ns Cool ‘n Smart English Magazine

( vol.5 No. 35 Oktober – November 2005 )

Shot & Show is back. Presented by Deniek G. Sukarya., the photography Workshop was held on August 20 and 27, 2005 with the theme “Catch the Colors of Freedom.” Technically, the presentation focused on the skills of doing photo documenteries.

On the first day, Bp. Deniek discussed the basic of photography : the basic knowledge of photography, especially about maximizing the various function of the camera, manipulating color composition, and elaborating such features as depth of filed, speed, and aperture. Before sharing his know how on photography , however, Bp. Daniek showed his awesome masterpieces to the participants photo who were filled with amazement and administration. Finally, he explained how ti take batter photo documentaries.

A photo documentary is a photograph that successfully captures the spirit of the event as it runs its natural course. Therefore, a good documentary not only is visually strong but also provides truthful information about events such as a festival, ceremony, or august 17 celebration. At the end of the first day, Bp.Daniek assigned the participants as their “homework” to shoot photos to practice their photography skills.

Before the one-hour luch break, the participants reveiced tips from Bp. Aldin from NIKON on how to use a digital camera. Bp. Daniek proceeded with evaluating the pafticipants photos. He examined them one by one to find out which were the best photo. The result : the first-place winner was Titut Sutyani, yhe second-place winner Ridwan, with Rini H. Lasman as the third-place winner. Aryanto Adjie Wibowo got the consolation prize. Each og the winners received an Esprit watch and vouchers, a Bukopin Saving, a camera from Fuji, merchandise from Studio Photo, Seaworld, Nikon and ABC Alkaline.

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