Monday, May 24, 2010

Kalimat dengan tenses-tenses berikut tanpa keterangan waktu:

1. Present Tense

+ The ice is cold

+ The mobile Note Taker is the first portable device

+ The sun sets in the west

+ Do you speak English?

+ She watches TV

+ They do not ( don't ) study English

2. Present Continous Tense

+ Fauzan is doing homework

+ They are attending a meeting now

+ It's not raining now

+ The boy is watching

+ She is rubbing her cheek all the time

+ They are sitting close together

+ Kirana is listening the radio

+ We want to see our new neighbour

+ I am not studying Biology

3. Present Perfect Tense

+ She has been shot by me just now

+ I have eaten

+ We have sung Indonesia Rya together

+ she has met your friend

+ We have eaten our brealfast already

+ She has just spoken to me

4. present perfect tense

+ They have been training English for year

+ He has not seduce me twice

5. Past Tense

+ Your parents was angry with me

+ They were happy last week

+ His wife passed away a few years ago

+ Mr. Faza has recently joined a club

+ He looked everywhere

+ She asked her roomate

+ Sice nobody else had been in their room,

+ I was very happy to meet Rayi

6. Past Continous Tense

+ When you called me, I was studying English

+ Was I shutting the door when they came?

+ Were you painting this picture when they met him?

+ We were not repairing the car when he went to Solo

+ She was not helping her mother when we studied

+ I was writing a lesson all day, yesterday

+ They were studying math yesterday

7. Past Perfect Tense

+ He had been at home

+ You had been there a long time

+ Had she left the house before

+ You had not paid your debt before I gave you money

+ I had not swabbed the floor when you arrived

8. Past Perfect Continous Tense

+ When my sister heard the radio, I had been finishing my homework

+ Had we been sweeping the classroom?

+ Had she been finishing her duty before her leader inspected it?

+ He had not been abusing me before I went

+ They had not been sleeping until I came to meet them

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